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The Woodstook Fire District, comprising Districts 1 (Woodstock), 2 (Wittenberg-Bearsville), 3 (Lake Hill), 4 (Zena) and 5 (Rescue Squad/EMS) is considered a municipality separate from the Town of Woodstock, although the two entities work in close cooperation with one another. Please click the link, above, to be taken directly to the Woodstock Fire District's Web site, which provides the public with current District news, events and announcements as well as meeting agendas, minutes and budget information. 


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Community Announcements

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    Traffic Court

Town of Woodstock Justice Court has been cancelled for 6pm on Wednesday, February 5th at 6pm because of the upcoming storm which has been predicted. Any questions you should call the court at 845-679-6345 ..
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    Med-Return Drug Collection Unit

A MEDICINE RETURN DRUG COLLECTION UNIT has been placed in the foyer of the Woodstock Police Department. The purpose of this is to provide a place where Unwanted Prescriptions can be deposited for disposal. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND OUT OF OUR WATER SUPPLY ACCEPTED DRUGS ARE: medicat..
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    Winter Storm Clean Up

In order for the Highway Departments to clean up after snow storms we ask that you do not park on the streets. If you see a plow-please move your vehicle so there is access. This does include parking lots. ..
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    Winter Preparedness

It is that time of year again when the cold, wind and snow will be upon us. We ask that you are prepared with emergency supplies should we get a weather event in which the power goes out. Remember--the elderly and disabled have needs and checking on your neighbors is a good thing. ..

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